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Dear Friends,

Hi everyone! Tricia here from Cobblestone Garden Centre. I wanted to reach out and personally wish you all a wonderful start to the New Year. With 2020 behind us, I think it would be fair to say that we have all had our fill of a wheelbarrow or two of what comes out of the backend of a horse with all of the dismal news we have been bombarded with the past 8 months. But pshaw! 2021 is now upon us and this is the perfect time, the absolutely perfect time, to toss off the sweatpants and pilly old cardigan you have been living (haha) and start thinking about the best stuff in life – connections, living things, and our experience of the world around us.

We want to help you enjoy life, to learn some new gardening tricks and grow wonderful harvests, to turn your home into the green sanctuary it should be, and to help further the goal of ameliorating the planet and all of the life on it. We want to grow our green community far and wide, with food forests and spectacular plants growing everywhere there is even a modicum of space – back yards, front yards, patio gardens, apartment balconies, fields, farms, and even kitchen tables and bathroom windowsills. Not only is gardening remarkably easy to do, it is incredibly fun and rewarding.

So please join us! I will be sending out fun and interesting emails every week featuring what’s “growing on” around the world and in our back yards, covering topics such as basic to advanced food production and floriculture, soil science, understanding PH, forestry issues, riparian ecosystems, birding, hardscaping, and more. It is my hope that we can impart our knowledge to you and help you to be successful in all of your horticultural pursuits!

We want this to be an open-door community where there is a seat at the gardener’s table for everyone. Please write in, tag us in your pics on Instagram, give us a wave on Facebook, DM us with your queries and foibles, come visit us in person, and bookmark our website … we are just about to launch our online store!

Let’s make the future the best it can be, together! Sending light and friendship to all,


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  • Love horses and all, but definitely had my fill of wheelbarrows in this lifetime! Sweatpants on the other hand…. that’ll take some more convincing! 😂 They are good for gardening. 😉

    Can’t wait to pop by your beautiful Garden Center, and to get back in my own garden. The hanging baskets last year were gorgeous!

    Lisa on

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