Rewards Club

Join our Garden Club and save! Simply sign up in store to become a Garden Club member and you can instantly start reaping the rewards!

What Do Rewards Club Members Receive?

Free Garden Club Membership
No kidding — it's F.R.E.E.!
We just want you to have a great garden, an incredible life, and lots of fun doing it. It’s our hope that you will join our gardening community and help to improve our communities and our environment through healthy living and taking care of the planet!

Joining our Rewards Club couldn't be easier - and it's free! With a FREE membership, you will receive: 

• Our latest articles, straight to your inbox. 
• Exclusive details about upcoming events and promotions.
• Cobblestone Points on every purchase in store (still working on adding them to the online store, hoping to have this set up soon.) You earn 5-15 points for each dollar spent, depending on the item. 
• $20 off when you get to 2000 points! 
• Discounts on selected items throughout the store. 
• Discounts on our seminars and workshops. 

Want to learn more? Contact us for more information or speak to one of us to sign up in-store!
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