Veggie Garden 15-15-30

Veggie Garden 15-15-30

Cobblestone Garden Centre

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Cobblestone Veggie Garden 15-15-30 with chelated micro-nutrients is a water-soluble fertilizer specially formulated to encourage food crops to produce healthy, ample harvests.

Directions - Dissolve 8g (2 tsp) into 8L (~2gal) of water and soak plants that have two sets of true leaves or more (typically more than 1-month-old, use Plant Starter 10-52-10 until then). Apply every week during the growing season. Fertilizer dissolves best in tepid water, stir thoroughly before application.

WarningUse product only as directed. This fertilizer contains boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc and should only be used in the recommended manner. Not for consumption.