Organic Prilled Lime

Organic Prilled Lime

Cobblestone Garden Centre

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Cobblestone Organic Lime is a professional-grade soil amendment that helps to correct acidic soil by increasing PH. Composed of calcium magnesium carbonate, Cobblestone organic lime has been ground and prilled with lignin, making it low dust and easy to apply.

Not only does lime "sweeten" soil by adding the critical nutrients calcium and magnesium, but it is also highly effective at binding fluoride and preventing fluoride accumulation/toxicity in sensitive crops such as leafy vegetables, small fruit, and most tropical houseplants.

Lime is also a helpful additive for neutralizing concentrated nitrogen damage in the lawn, whether caused by dog urine, evergreen trees, or over-application of turf fertilizer. Lime should be used sparingly and with the help of a PH measurement aid such as a PH meter, PH strips, or soil test.

For Potted Plants: Apply up to a maximum ratio of 3.5g (~1tsp) per 5L (~5qt) of soil For Gardens: Spread 2kg (4.4lb) per 30-32 square meters (325-350 square feet.) Mix into the top 10-15cm (4-6") of soil.