Tomato Sweet 100 Cherry

Tomato Sweet 100 Cherry

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You know you are having a good day when you walk out to your garden and see a bunch of ripe cherry tomatoes on the vine! Uber delicious, Sweet 100 tomatoes are perfect for ample snacking; the 1-1.5" fruit are produced in abundant clusters on long vines. If you can resist devouring them all before they make it into the kitchen, they are also great in salads or platters! 

Seeding Instructions - Start indoors in Feb/ March and transplant into the sunny garden or outdoor containers after the last frost in May, can take up to 2 weeks to germinate. Plant seedlings into rows with 1-1.5ft between the plants. Soil should be enriched with peat, compost, and worm castings if possible.

Growing On & Harvest - Keep tomatoes evenly moist. Requires staking. Fertilize with veggie food that contains calcium every 2 weeks & bone meal once a month. Harvest 60-70 days.