Thyme English Culinary

Thyme English Culinary

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As with many of the aromatic herbs, thyme has a few relatives in the kitchen pantry: it is a member of the mint family and is also a cousin to oregano. No wonder thyme seems to have a flavour and scent that straddles both sides of the culinary fence: mild and tangy, smooth and sharp. You can use thyme in most dishes with great results; it pairs well with fish, meat, pasta/pasta sauce, and both traditional and glazed veggies.

Seeding Instructions - Seed indoors & transfer outdoors after the last May frost. This herb may take up to 21 days to germinate so be patient, its worth the wait! Thyme likes bright light.

Growing On & Harvest - You can start picking leaves off of thyme plants with they are about 12" tall. Cut no more than 50% of the plant and leave the new shoots for future harvest. Feed with all-purpose fertilizer every two weeks & bone meal once a month.