Radish Cherry Belle

Radish Cherry Belle

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Colorful red with a bright white interior, radishes add a beautiful touch to any dish ... and a bit of zing too! In addition to its peppery taste, Cherry Belle radish is known for its quick growth, wonderfully crisp texture, and superior shelf life. Repeat seed radishes every few weeks for plentiful harvests all summer long!

Seeding Instructions - Sow directly into the sunny garden or deep outdoor containers mid-May, can take up to 7 days to germinate. Sow into shallow trenches with 2" between the seeds. Seed germinates better when soil is evenly moist.

Growing On & Harvest - Radishes grow quickly, be sure to give plenty of water but don't allow plants to sit in water. Fertilize with bone meal when seeding. Harvest 20-25 days.