Popcorn Movie Night

Popcorn Movie Night

Cobblestone Garden Centre

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Grow your own popcorn and make movie night the best ever! Take the dried kernels and put them right into the microwave or stove top popper. The popped corn is light and fluffy and has simply incredible taste and texture! This corn needs to be grown away from other varieties to maintain its unique characteristics.

Seeding Instructions - Start indoors in late April and transplant into the garden after the last frost in May. Seeds can take up to 2 weeks to germinate. Plant in blocks in the garden (as opposed to single rows) for best production.

Growing On & Harvest - Keep corn plants evenly moist, fertilize with veggie food every two weeks and bone meal once a month.  Harvest in approximately 90-100 days. Dry cobs for 2-3wk before popping or place in oven under lowest heat for a few hours, agitating seed every hour or so to ensure even drying.