Pepper Hot & Spicy Mix

Pepper Hot & Spicy Mix

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Put some spice into your life! This spicy pepper mix contains seeds from the most popular zesty varieties: jalapeno, poblano, chilis, cayenne, and even serrano tobasco! Get ready to sweat with the Scoville ratings of some of these plants up over 10,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Unit.)

Seeding Instructions - Start indoors in March and transplant into the sunny garden or outdoor containers after the last frost in May, peppers can take up to 2 weeks to germinate. Transplant seedlings into rows with 1-1.5ft between the plants. Soil should be enriched with peat, compost, and worm castings if possible.

Growing On & Harvest - Keep peppers evenly moist. Fertilize with veggie food that contains calcium every two weeks and bone meal once a month. Harvest in approximately 75-85 days.