Onion Southport Bunching

Onion Southport Bunching

Cobblestone Garden Centre

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Onions have been proven to be one of the most beneficial vegetables for human health: incredible for blood sugar stabilization, great for the circulatory system, etc. Southport bunching is a super-versatile onion variety - harvest young as traditional green onions or wait until the bulb fills out to a globe. Taste becomes more pungent as the bulb enlarges.

Seeding Instructions - Start indoors in April or seed directly into the garden Mid-May. Seed takes up to 12 days to germinate. Onions like lots of sun and well-drained soil.

Growing On & Harvest - You can start harvesting the plants as green onions when they are ~6-10" tall; for globe onions, it will take a full 2.5-3 months for bulbs to their full size. Bend flower stalks over to keep energy moving into the bulb. Feed with veggie food every two weeks and bone meal once a month.