Mint Medley Mix

Mint Medley Mix

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Mint is a common flavouring in everything from candy and tea to bubble baths and toothpaste. Its unusual square stem "squarely" (gardener's humor) places it in the Lamiaceae family with other shade-tolerant plants such as coleus, bee balm, and catnip. Mint is a vigorous plant, place in an area you would like it to grow wild; alternatively, growing in pots is a breeze, indoors or out!

Seeding Instructions - Seed indoors & transfer outdoors after the last May frost. This herb may take up to 16 days to germinate. Seeds are tiny but plants grow quickly.

Growing On & Harvest - You can start picking leaves off of mint plants with they are ~12" tall. Harvest no more than 50% of the plant, leaving lower new shoots for future harvest. Feed with all-purpose fertilizer every two weeks & bone meal once a month.