Lettuce Mixed Salad Bowl Leaf

Lettuce Mixed Salad Bowl Leaf

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This salad blend is a kaleidoscope of colors and flavours. Lettuce, mesclun, baby kale, the list is endless in this tasty medley. Fast growing, simply wait until the plants have reached about 8" in height and then cut back to 2" and enjoy in fresh salads and sandwiches. The foliage will grow back as vigorously as it started, so just wait until it reaches 8" again, and snip! Salad is served!

Seeding Instructions - Simply sprinkle lettuce seed over soil and cover with a fine dusting of soil. Lettuce takes up to 10 days to germinate. It prefers lots of sun but will tolerate some shade; it is easy to grow in a bright, sunny spot in the house as well.

Growing On & Harvest - You can start harvesting lettuce when it has 6-8 true leaves (about 30 days.) Just pick and enjoy!