Kale Lacinato Dinosaur

Kale Lacinato Dinosaur

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A member of the cabbage and mustard family Brassicaceae, kale is eaten by most cultures of the world. Lacinato, aka Dinosaur kale, dates back hundreds of years to Italy, and as such is a feature in many Italian dishes. Terrifically good for human health, the 3' tall leaves of Lacinato kale are most tender when steamed and are also great pureed in smoothies. Yields from this plant are huge and it produces late into fall...lots to share with friends!

Seeding Instructions - Start indoors in late April or plant directly into the garden in May, can take up to 8 days to germinate. Sow seeds, two per spot, around 12-24" apart in 0.5" deep trenches; cover lightly with soil and water in thoroughly.

Growing On & Harvest - Kale is a vigorous grower so be sure to give ample water without letting the plants sit in water. Fertilize with veggie food every two weeks and bone meal once a month. Harvest in approximately 60-70 days.