Cauliflower Snow Crown

Cauliflower Snow Crown

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The word 'cauliflower' originates from Latin (caulis = cabbage, flos = flower), denoting that this plant is in the brassica genus and further that the part to eat is the flower! This delicious edible flower is a crunchy treat when served raw, a succulent veggie when steamed or boiled, and a mouthwatering adventure when roasted with your favourite herbs and spices. And not only is it tasty, it is also very easy to grow, harvest in ~2 months!

Seeding Instructions - Start indoors in late April or sow outdoors in May after last frost, can take up to 10 days to germinate. Sow in 0.5" deep trenches, around 18" between seeds. Use frost cover to protect from cabbage moth.

Growing On & Harvest - Allow plants to dry slightly between waterings. Fertilize with veggie food every two weeks and bone meal once a month. When flower heads start to form, enclose the heads with the outer leaves & tie shut to protect and promote quality of flower.  Harvest in approximately 55-65 days.