Carrots Baby Finger

Carrots Baby Finger

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This is a perfect, healthy treat for on-the-go, in a lunchbox, or just sitting and watching TV! Baby finger carrots are delicious, super easy to grow, and suitable for either garden or patio container growing. Narrow and just 4" long makes harvest easy - just pull and wash. Successive seed every 2 weeks until mid-July for extra production!

Seeding Instructions - Sow outdoors in May after the last frost. Sow lightly in 0.5" deep trenches, thin to 2" between seedlings after 4-5 weeks. Baby finger carrots take up to 2 weeks to germinate. Carrots love sun and loose/ highly cultivated soil!

Growing On & Harvest - Keep carrot plants evenly moist, fertilize with plant starter or bonemeal once a month. Plants grow quickly and produce loads of crunchy carrots. Harvest in approximately 55-60 days.