Beans Green Stringless Bush

Beans Green Stringless Bush

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Green Stringless Bush Bean is a treasured heirloom variety that is both versatile and easy to grow. Meaty snap pods house delicate beans; no shelling required, eat the whole thing! Delicious fresh, in cooking, or for freezing/ canning. Successive seed every 2 weeks until mid-June for extra production!

Seeding Instructions - Sow outdoors in May after the last frost. Sow in 1" deep trenches, space seed 2-4" apart. Sprinkle inoculant over seed and cover. Keep evenly moist, takes up to 2 weeks to germinate. Beans love the sun and well-draining soil!

Growing On & Harvest - Keep bean plants evenly moist, 15-18in bush plants grow quickly and produce loads of tasty fruit. Harvest in approximately 50-55 days.