Basil Culinary Blend

Basil Culinary Blend

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Containing over 100 species in its genus, basil is one of the world's most cultivated plants. Veneration of this plant can be found in most cultures worldwide, not only for its use in food preparation but also in medicine, traditional culture, and religion. Flavours of basil range from sweet to cinnamon to citrus to licorice to spicy! Our culinary blend contains seeds from each of these flavour categories. Cheers to a tasty adventure!

Seeding Instructions - Seed indoors & transfer outdoors after the last May frost, takes up to 14 days to germinate. Basil likes lots of sun, heat, & shelter from harsh wind. Grow in well-draining soil. Amend soil with peat, compost, & worm castings.

Growing On & Harvest - Basil leaves can be picked when the plant is ~12" tall. Prune off flower stalks to keep energy in the foliage. Feed with veggie food every two weeks & bone meal once a month.