Arugula Roquette

Arugula Roquette

Cobblestone Garden Centre

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Deliciously crispy with a peppery finish, arugula is a mainstay in fresh salads and cooking, including pizza and pasta. It can also be used as an alternative to spinach & collards.

Seeding Instructions - Best to start indoors. Easy to grow, simply sprinkle arugula seed over seed starting soil and cover with vermiculite or perlite, keep misted, takes up to a week to germinate. Transplant into larger containers or the garden in 2-4 weeks. Arugula prefers lots of sun and is easy to grow in a bright, sunny spot in the house as well.

Growing On & Harvest - You can start harvesting arugula when it has 8 true leaves (about 30 days.) Just pick and enjoy. Successive seed every two weeks for an unending supply!