Our Varieties:

Dwarf selloum

Compact variety of ornamental philodendron, has a much more unique leaf shape when compared to other varieties. Prefers medium to bright indirect light.

Monstera deliciosa

Very popular for its size and low maintenance needs. When young, has dense bushy shape. A mature plant will start to vine out and can have leaves as wide as 2 feet. Don’t worry about hiring a plant sitter if you go on vacation - somewhat drought tolerant and tolerates low light but grows faster in a bright room.

Swiss cheese vine

Also known as Adanson’s Philodendron, each leaf has oval shaped holes that are its namesake. These statement plants love to climb, so provide a stake or moss pole, or let it trail down its pot.

Rojo congo

Large leafed philodendron with newly emerging leaves a vibrant bright red, deepening to burgundy as they mature, before they turn a dark green.

Philodendron hastatum 

(silver sword)

Unusual plant highly sought after for its  iridescent silver leaves. This is a climbing variety that prefers partial shade, avoid direct sunlight for best leaf colour. If leaves begin to droop, increase waterings.

Birkin philodendron

Hybrid variety, compact and slow growth means a low maintenance houseplant. Each pinstriped leaf is unique providing a stunning display, especially when placed near plants with even colouring.

Philodendron 'Brasil' hederaceum

One of the easiest tropical plant to care for, having been a popular choice of houseplant for generations. Tolerant of low light and inconsistent waterings.

Philodendron 'Neon' hederaceum

Also known as sweetheart vine, this cheery variety has been a staple of houseplants for its trailing habit. Drapes beautifully down a bookcase or shelf, or pot in a hanging basket in a well lit room.

Moonlight philodendron

Shrub-like habit, lime green to yellow heart shaped leaves brighten indoors year round. This philodendron does not climb or spread like some others.