Parsley Curled Leaf

Parsley Curled Leaf

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Used often in traditional medicines, parsley has been valued for its antibacterial and cathartic effects on digestive issues; chewing a parsley leaf is also known to quell bad breath. In culinary applications, this aromatic herb is often used as a garnish or as a spice in sauces and chutneys. Florists even enjoy placing the attractive stems in bouquets! Pregnant women should eat parsley in moderation.

Seeding Instructions - Seed indoors & transfer outdoors after the last May frost. This herb may take up to 30 days to germinate so be patient, it's worth the wait!

Growing On & Harvest - You can start picking leaves off of parsley plants with they are about 12" tall. Cut the taller outer leaves and leave the new shoots for future harvest. Feed with all-purpose fertilizer every two weeks & bone meal once a month.