Lavender English Narrow Leaf

Lavender English Narrow Leaf

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The light and aromatic scent of lavender is mesmerizing fodder the poet, a sought-after remedial agent to the herbalist, and a whole-hearted thrill for the home gardener at harvest time. English lavender is the most hardy perennial of the lavenders, often thriving for years in gardens. Lavender does best in a hot, sunny spot with well-draining soil, away from harsh wind. Harvest flowers as soon as they start to open.

Seeding Instructions - Seed indoors & transfer outdoors after the last May frost, takes up to 30 days to germinate; place seeds in the fridge for a couple days before seeding to help spur germination. Amend soil with peat, compost, & worm castings.

Growing On & Harvest - Both the foliage and flowers can be used. Dry flower stalks upside down until the petals fall off when disturbed. Feed growing lavender plants with all-purpose fertilizer every two weeks & bone meal once a month.