Carrots Heirloom Danvers

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Wide at the top and pointed at the tip, Danvers carrots are dense and full of flavour. They are known for their superior properties when used in cooking and canning/ freezing. It's best to harvest these carrots before the tops reach wider than 2" across. Seed every 2 weeks until mid-July for extra production!

Seeding Instructions - Sow outdoors in May after last frost. Sow lightly in 0.5" deep trenches, thin to 2" between seedlings after 4-5 weeks. Danvers carrots take up to 2 weeks to germinate. Carrots love sun and loose/ highly cultivated soil!

Growing On & Harvest - Keep carrot plants evenly moist, fertilize with plant starter or bonemeal once a month. Plants grow quickly and produce loads of crunchy carrots. Harvest in approximately 65-80 days.