BioVigour™ for Tropical Plants

BioVigour™ for Tropical Plants

Cobblestone Garden Centre

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BioVigour™ by Cobblestone is a proprietary blend of organic components aimed at optimizing soil health and resulting plant performance.

Blended right in our own local farm facilities, our greenhouse agrologists have worked hard to select the best inputs from Canadian sources, combining them to build an optimal growing media through ameliorating soil structure, adding peak and regenerative biology, increasing moisture retention, increasing soil/air gas exchange, and unlocking nutrients in the soil so plants can optimize their usage. Fresh and active, PH balancing, and intended for immediate application to your specific plants.

BioVigour™ Tropical Plant contains an impressive line-up of:

100% Organic Alberta vegetable compost derived from the organic food processing industry.
100% Organic Alberta worm castings from premium worm stock that has been fed highly nutritious and biodiverse feed.
100% Organic activated charcoal produced from plant material fed with Albertan freshwater.
100% Organic weathered rock dust from BC glaciers.
100% Organic humic acid and fulvic acid derived from freshwater Alberta humalite deposits.
100% Organic kelp farmed off the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
100% Organic calcium carbonate derived from the BC fishery industry.
100% Organic mycorrhizal colonies grown in Central and Eastern Canada.
100% Organic calcium sulphate sourced from BC mines.

Directions for Use: When top dressing existing potted plants – Spread 1cm (3/8 in) of BioVigour™ over the top of your potted houseplants and water thoroughly. Apply monthly.

BioVigourTM for Tropical Plant performs best when alternating usage with Cobblestone’s 20-8-20 Tropical Plant water-soluble fertilizer.

As a super-soil builder – Mix in 1L of BioVigour™ for Tropical Plant to each 4L of soil-less media (organic or organic-based is optimal.) For best results, use in conjunction with Cobblestone’s 20-8-20 Tropical Plant water-soluble fertilizer.