Celery Utah

Celery Utah

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Crunchy, flavourful, and reliable, Utah celery is one of the most popular celery varieties on the market. Harvest dozens of stalks off of a single plant, & don't forget to harvest the leaves as well! Celery grown in your own garden is much sweeter and aromatic than store-bought; try garden-fresh celery as a fresh snack, in salads & cold meals, and in soups, chutney, & dressings!

Seeding Instructions - Start indoors in March and set out in the garden or in pots in May after the last frost. Sowing is easy: simply sprinkle seed onto seedling mix soil, cover with vermiculite/ perlite, and mist heavily. Keep misting and be patient - it takes 20-30 days for celery to germinate.

Growing On & Harvest - You can start harvesting celery when the outer stalks reach 6", tall or you can wait until the plant gets bigger; celery can grow up to 24" before becoming stringy.