Garden Supplies

Success comes much easier with the right tools for the job!

Everything You Need!

Increase yields, add beauty, and reduce pests in your garden with the help of the best in yard care products. At Cobblestone we stock everything you could possibly need to help your garden be its best.

Soils & Amendments

As the old adage goes, good gardens can only come from good soil. Loam porosity, PH, and organic composition all play vital roles in creating ideal growing conditions for plants. Being greenhouse growers ourselves, we rely on the best soil for the best results; we pass these same brands and products on to our customers so they, too, can grow like the pros!

Pest, Disease, & Weed Remedies

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, garden pests, fungus, and weeds can appear in our gardens. But take heart, we are here to help. Cobblestone’s line of low/no impact pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides are your first defence against damage caused by those unwanted “bad” bugs, critters, weeds, and fungi. Our knowledgeable staff can offer expert advice on problem identification, remedy selection, and application.

Plant Containers

Cobblestone carries a wonderful selection of plant containers suited for any application. Plastic, tin, ceramic, clay, wooden, concrete, pressed paper by-products, fibreglass, and wire/metal are all lines of pots you can find in store, with varieties ranging from 2inch grower’s pots to 4 feet tall courtyard centrepieces.

Water Gardening

An up and coming pastime in Alberta, water gardening is easier than you think. Cobblestone stocks high quality, superior performance pumps, filters, liners, and accessories. We are also official Henri Studio and Massarelli's dealers, carrying top of the line concrete fountains and statuary!

Bulk Aggregate

We have a good selection of bulk aggregate for pick-up or delivery. Screened loam, wood mulch, rubber mulch, sand, pea gravel, washed rock, road crush, garden mix soil, and shale are all available. We also carry boulders and natural stone. If possible, please call the day before coming to ensure we have a bobcat operator on hand. You may also shovel your own into 20L pails we have on hand; return the pail for a full deposit refund.


Even a plant needs to eat! Fertilizer and growth enhancers are wonderful garden aids in almost any climate, but particularly in short-seasoned areas such as Alberta, where the annual growing days are limited by cold nights. Ideal for establishing young plants, growing on mature specimens, correcting iron and calcium deficiencies, producing mass flowers/fruit, and helping plants to enter and exit dormancy, we stock several high quality fertilizers for any application.

Tools & Watering

In the past 17 years (prior to opening Cobblestone), we broke enough shovels, bent enough hoes, and sprung enough leaks in substandard hoses to know how important it is to have quality tools. As a result, we have exacting standards in our implements section: the products we carry have to be tough, they have to be ergonomic, and they have to get the job done. In short, if we wouldn’t use it on our production farm, you won’t find it on our retail shelves. Count on us for the best in garden implements.

Fabric & Mulch

Essential for moisture retention and weed control, garden fabrics and mulch are gaining popularity in residential and commercial gardens. We carry an extensive line of fabrics, ranging from light landscaping paper for annual plantings to heavy construction grade geotextiles suited for placement under parking pads. We are also a premier supplier of mulch for Alberta, with product lines including Eccochips (recycled hardwood products), Foothills Premium, and high density Altwin rubber mulch and playground covering..

Concrete Masonry

If you have been thinking about building a patio, fire pit, raised garden bed, or just need a few sidewalk blocks to fit under your barbeque, we have what you need. Stocking a great assortment of superior quality concrete products from both Expocrete and Allan Block, we can help you through the designing and engineering stages, put your order together, and offer invaluable expert advice as you build your project.