Healthy, Happy Plants

Count on Cobblestone for plants that are perfect for every space.

Our Plants

We specialize in healthy, happy plants. Much of our stock is grown at our own production greenhouses near Langdon, so you know that when you buy from us you're receiving the best in fresh, local and loved.


Cobblestone is excited to offer Alberta’s best selection of perennials suited to our Chinook climate. With over one thousand cultivars available, we have what you need for any soil type. Check out our new line of native prairie perennials.

Shrubs & Potted Trees

When it comes to beauty paired with toughness, Cobblestone’s selection of top quality potted trees and shrubs is second to none. From ground cover evergreens to flowering shrubs, from edible fruiting trees to shelterbelt and landscape beauties, you can count on us for the best of the best. Ask about our Myke’s Micorise five-year warranty program!

Seed & Bulbs

We have a seeding section sure to inspire any gardener, from the most novice to the most experienced. Seeds and/ or bulbs for hundreds of varieties of annuals, perennials, biennials, vegetables, herbs, and tropical plants arrive early each spring; be sure to stop in soon for the best selection!

Water Plants

We have a wonderful line of aquatic and marginal plants for ponds, riparian areas, or fountain basins. Adding beauty to any water feature, these plants tend to sell out early in the spring/ summer, so be sure to drop by soon to get the best selection!


Take a break from the grocery store and grow your own! Cobblestone stocks everything you need to fill your garden this spring: wonderful selections of veggies, herbs, and fruit plants abound in our +10 000sq. ft. greenhouse. Bon Appetit!


Is any garden truly complete without at least one rose? Come explore our rose garden, showcasing hardy rugosa roses, climbers, and trellised beauties in rainbows of color. We are also excited to offer a beautiful line of fabulous tea roses.

Caliper Trees

Cobblestone is pleased to introduce a new caliper tree area at our store. With dozens of prairie hardy varieties available, getting instant results in your yard is simple: just pick out your favourite tree, sign up for a delivery/ installation date (yes – we can even install for you!), and let our team take care of the rest.

House Plants

Decorating your home or office in living color is easy to do with a little bit of inspiration and advice from the team of Green Thumbs at Cobblestone. We can help you design your indoor area, select the right plants for the right locations, and even give you care tips to take home with your new house plants.


Specializing in the most beautiful plants in the Alberta market, a trip through our annuals section will tantalize your senses with color, texture, and scent. In addition to hardy bedding types, look to us for hard-to-find varieties, large specimen plants, robust hanging baskets, and unique container gardens. Together, let’s dream…and grow!™